Saint Augustine, Florida

They call themselves “HOOCH”. CHRIS McVEY/ Vocals, Guitar, Bass. Chris has one of the most dynamic voices that I have had the pleasure to listen to. He is one of the best “OVER THE TOP” bass players that ever thumped his way down the road. Chris was one of the founding members of “Those Guys” from Saint Augustine, Florida. He still plays with Those Guys on occasion but has DEFINITLY found his nitch with “HOOCH” • JODY STRATTON/ Vocals, Rhythm And Lead Guitar. Jody is one of those “Laid-Back” guitarist that makes playing lead guitar look like child’s play. Dicky Betts has nothing on this young man! When he plays to an audience, he not only has their undivided attention, but you will catch other members of the band glancing over to watch him play his red hot guitar. • JOHN MAGEE/ Drums and Vocals. John is one of the tightest drummers I’ve seen in quite some time. He’s the one that keeps it all together and has the highest respect of the other members. He actually listen’s to what’s going on with all the subtle nuances that the rest of the band is trying to achieve. A rare commodity when it comes to drumming.

Read more about the band on their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/hooch4you


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